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Stella Christos

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My life has changed so much since coming to you Stella. I was bogged down with church based religion that my faith got buried! Your teaching has allowed me to ditch the guilt and reconnect in a powerful way with so much to look forward too. You are a special lady Stella  xx   

Lizzie: Wilts

Stella is a Universal Brotherhood Interfaith Minister who has
studied various spiritual disciplines for over 30 years. She
thinks of herself as a minister of light working with adults,
adolescents and children. Along side her role as a minister
she is also an accomplished workshop leader who facilitates
healing, meditation and spiritual development events. Those
who follow her teachings believe her to be a Master in her own right.

During her career she has appeared on National Television and
International & National radio.

Stella has discovered through her work the peace and love
which working with the angels and Ascended Masters can
bring to us all. It is her dearest wish to be able to impart
her understanding of that love to all those with whom she works.

Stella works as a spiritual teacher, therapist, counsellor and
healer, and is licenced to carry out Holy Naming Ceremonies,
Wedding Blessings and funerals. In bringing all of these gifts
to her clients she is aided by her connections to the Angels
and Ascended Masters.

What she offers is completely unique. Powerfully
serene energy accompanies the delivery of heart-felt words
and this is the gift she shares with those in her presence.

We give you the main ceremonies she will perform on our
pages under the Sacred Ceremonies tag and a little about
how Stella works she also offers Pet Funerals and
Home Blessings.

She holds regular classes and forums across the south of
England and we urge you to check her events page for details
of any current or upcoming events near you.


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